Grinntech | About Us
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About Us

Founded in early 2013 and incubated at the prestigious IIT-Madras in 2017, Grinntech Motors & Services Private Limited is India’s leading lithium battery technology provider. The name Grinntech stands for Green Innovation with Technologies across multiple high-impact application areas.

With Government’s encouragement and a real need to cut down on carbon emissions, battery-powered electric vehicles and renewable energy are the need of the hour. Grinntech is positioned at the epicentre of the new, industrial green revolution to address these needs. With some of the major battery manufacturers licensing Grinntech’s technologies & solutions, the company is paving a way for electric vehicles & stationary energy storage to go mainstream .

Envisioned & led by 2 IIT Roorkee alumni – Puneet and Nikhilesh, Grinntech provides a complete suite of Battery based Energy Storage solutions for Mobile and Stationary platforms. Grinntech also provides technology-driven solutions for battery swapping, which address the challenges of range limits & anxiety. However, there’s more at play here. In addition to battery cells & packs and charging infrastructure, Grinntech also builds software-based solutions that extend the value derived out of the battery solutions.

Grinntech’s next-generation locked smart Lithium-Ion battery modules and systems are designed to serve the interests of all the stakeholders.

  • Consumers and the general public – Reduced cost of ownership, a simple & economical recharging option in the form of instantly swappable batteries, drastic pollution reduction
  • Government – Improved Carbon Credit rating for India and reduced (oil) import subsidies leaving more money for public welfare schemes
  • Automotive Manufacturers – Alignment with ‘Make In India’ initiative leading to improved brand reputation and technologically superior product offerings compared to competitors

With pilot programs already in progress, Grinntech is constantly working on discovering & delivering solutions that are relatively inexpensive to deploy & manage, safer for people & the Environment, and bring about drastically improved efficiencies.

Grinntech is one of the prominent start-ups supported by IIT-Madras. This gives the company access to cutting edge equipment & resources. Such an ecosystem enables Grinntech’s engineers and clean energy domain experts from IIT to collaborate with a single purpose – to create a sustainable world.