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Electric Vehicles / Automotive industry

Electric Vehicles are a novel concept, even today. Everybody loves the idea, but people are not onboard with the idea yet because electric vehicles are often associated with short ranges, high purchase costs, and longer charging times. Now imagine a car that costs practically the same and not having to wait for even 2 minutes to recharge the battery of your car. This could be similar to a fuel station.

These are some of the issues that we are solving at Grinntech on a daily basis with our next generation battery management systems and battery-swapping solutions. With longer ranges due to improvements in battery energy storage, electric vehicles can now commute longer distances on a single charge. And when the battery runs out of juice, you simply go to a battery-swapping station where your electric car or bus gets its battery replaced with a completely-charged battery.

Electric vehicles need to address some demanding requirements when it comes to battery performance – immunity to very high operating temperatures, long charging life cycles, and high energy density for longer driving range.Grinntech’s patent-pending, modular battery management systems and thermal engineering solutions are built to address these requirements. This scalable approach helps us deliver assembly capabilities to our customers across virtually any level of desired voltage and capacity.

We license our technology to some of the leading automotive and battery OEMs, and we contribute as integrated partners with them right from concept to product design to manufacturing and even after sales support.

Grid energy storage

Probably one of the best inventions in the energy management space due to the immense number of benefits it has brought about, grid energy storage is here to stay, and grow. By helping store surplus power, grid energy storage systems help tremendously during cases of emergency & mass outage. However, since they need to storage very large amounts of energy, they have special needs & requirements should be However, since they need to store very large amounts of energy, they have special needs & requirements.

Grinntech’s battery solutions, designed in a modular fashion, can be used to manage & address the needs of megawatt-scale very high voltage grid energy storage systems. “These systems are made up of hundreds of battery packs that are powered by thousands of cells. Whether these battery packs are either made of Lithium-Ion or just about any other battery chemistry, our BMSs can manage them with ease.”

Our integrated BMSs also have the built-in capability to monitor critical parameters like individual cell voltages, current, temperatures, and SOC (State Of Charge). Further, our modular, fully stackable, low-cost battery packs are perfectly suited to enable grid storage networks having high reliability requirements. The battery packs can be optimised for both storage capacity as well as power delivery right from portable, containerised units right up to megawatt installations.

When coupled together, Grinntech’s energy storage and BMS solutions help grid management organisations address the challenges of economic efficiency improvement and grid instability, which are basically issues caused by the imbalance of demand and supply. We’re helping organisations resolve this problem as well.

Industrial power backup

Across almost every industrial/enterprise environment, the facilities managers are often under pressure to ensure stable electricity supply for varying operating conditions. At a domestic environment like home, unstable power supply is usually considered as an inconvenience; but in an industrial operational setting, lack of power backup could cause adverse disruptions and revenue losses to the organisation.

UPS Systems offer the best solution for such needs – to ensure that power disruption isn’t caused, even for a millisecond. And one of the major components in a UPS system is batteries that store charged up energy. This is where Grinntech’s custom-designed battery solutions become extremely relevant. By constant innovation & pushing the limits, Grinntech’s team of engineers are helping organisations derive more output per installation.

Our Battery Management Systems (BMS) are easily configurable such that the output can be configured to ensure voltage delivery at varying levels depending on the requirements of the industrial devices & equipment. This is what makes our BMS smart as it also helps avert voltage spikes, thereby improving reliability of the industrial power backup installations, which is a critical need.

Home power backup

Power outages in residential areas are still a common occurrence in India, even in the developed Tier-1 cities. It’ll be a while until we find a permanent solution to that simply because there’s more demand than supply. However, there’s something we can do in the meanwhile – power backup at home, and it’s the best self-sustainable option the humankind has discovered so far.

Our innovative battery solutions can also be leveraged to help provide seamless backup power to residential consumers. By detecting grid outages as they happen, Grinntech’s battery modules can automatically power up the backup battery/energy source to keep your basic electric appliances – lights, fans, TV, refrigerator – on.

Using battery-charged home power backup solutions is not only environment-friendly compared to fuel-ignited power backup options, but it can also help you save in the longer run. Add to that the comfort of power that’s free of noise for the most part.

Further, our modules can be integrated into a single unit with DC energy to AC energy inverters. This helps bring down the costs significantly, which makes it a viable option right away while also lowering development complexity thereby improving reliability of the power backup units.

Modularity also brings in scalability wherein we simply add & integrate a higher number of cell-packs to deliver power backup that can last longer to ensure that your prized comfort is not compromised at any time.

Our power backup focussed solutions can be integrated with solar energy systems in the market so that your battery recharging needs can finally break free from the grid too.