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The cleantech and clean energy storage space is witnessing a rapid increase in awareness & interest across different product segments throughout the world. This global need ties in very well with our mission of creating a sustainable world in an affordable manner. At Grinntech, we’ve developed products & solutions that address this need emanating from two primary stakeholder segments –

  • automotive usage,
  • power requirements of stationary nature – residences, industrial environments, the grid network

We’ve also built solutions that enable maximum output from our products by way of delivering usage & performance insights to you and your organisation.


Automotive Energy Storage Solutions (AESS)


Grinntech’s extensive products & solutions portfolio for the applicability of energy storage in the automotive space caters to electric vehicles (EV) ranging from 2-wheelers to 3-4-6 wheelers (auto rickshaws, cars, and buses).

Our AESS products are standardised to an extent but they’re developed in a modular fashion, and hence can be customised with minimal effort & time for varied application areas & requirements. We’re currently engaged in pilot projects (trials & testing mode) with industry-leading organisations working on tomorrow’s innovations in the EV space today.

With a suite of ultra-safe solutions providing a nominal voltage output ranging from 48 to 650 V , the Grinntech AESS portfolio has you covered for almost every need of yours.


Stationary Energy Storage Solution (SESS)

Grinntech’s portfolio of stationary energy storage solutions is a safe, economical, and environmentally friendly offering for stored energy management ranging from kilowatt (kW) to Megawatt (MW) scale applications in stationary environments.

Grinntech’s SESS products address the energy balancing & backup needs for residential/home environments, industrial areas & equipment, and energy storage on the grid network.

Our SESS offering for home power backup has helped electrify more than 15,000 homes in remote villages (not covered by the national grid network) across various parts of India. This number is currently growing rapidly as we help provide electric power to approximately 2,000 homes every month, consistently.

We’re also implementing multiple pilot test projects to support industrial power backup needs and energy storage directly in the country’s grid network.


Battery Swapping Solution

Grinntech’s battery swapping machines are helping the industry & the community address the critical challenges faced in the adoption of electric vehicle usage – driving/mileage range and long charging time (7-8 hours or more).

Our semi-automatic and thereby inexpensive battery swapping solutions help replace discharged vehicle batteries with fully-charged batteries in under 2 minutes flat. That’s about the same amount of time taken to fill up the fuel tank of a traditional automobile.

We have multiple pilot projects in progress currently, which is helping us take this solution to the next level. For a live demo of the Grinntech battery swapper machine, get in touch with our business development team at


Battery Management Analytics

About 14 factors – like temperature, current, voltage, time and the multiple interplays among them – influence the performance and life of optimal use a Lithium-Ion battery pack.

Grinntech’s battery solutions integrated with a BMS (battery management system) module that can log usage data points at one second interval are a valuable built-in resource to help analyse battery performance. When these on-field data sets are analysed in combination with our initial testing, the resulting output provides immediate insights into performance deviations.

The reports also give details about the specific factor combinations responsible for those deviations across specified applications of use for a given battery pack. Grinntech offers this as a service, which delivers the insights with a 95% confidence, which will improve as we scale up with more deployments over time.

Our battery management analytics services offering is not limited to analysing data from Grinntech’s products only. Your organisation may have battery packs and BMSs from other providers as well – as long as you have the data, our end-to-end analytics service offering can help you. With such insights, you can finally gain visibility into the root cause of battery-related issues disrupting your operations and eating away into your profits.

To understand in greater detail how you can leverage our data sciences & analytics expertise, get in touch with our experts at