Electric Vehicle Solutions - Swapping / Recharging Service, Retrofit EV Conversion kit, EV design & components

Electric Vehicle Solutions

Grinntech is your partner in development of your Electric Vehicle products: from very first stage of drive-train design to modeling, battery pack selection & design to parts selection & sourcing, constructing prototype model to final testing.

We partment you at all stage.

Grinntech technical expertise helps OEMs build electric vehicle products, which perform best for Indian drive cycle, and supports after sale operation of Electric Vehicles with recharging and swapping service.

TWARITTM Battery Swapping & Recharging Services

To support operation of electric vehicles, Grinntech provides battery swapping & recharging service(s). Powered by smart demand - responsive charging system, our services give economical & operational sense to Electric vehicles. Light electric vehicles supported by Twarit swapping service provide the cleanest solution for urban transportation of tier II & III cities in developing economies.

  • Long battery life
  • Minimum electricity cost
  • No capacity / range anxiety

TWARITTM Retrofit Kit

Grinntech provides retrofit kit to convert your vehicles to battery powered vehicles. It helps you save huge fuel cost and maintenance cost spent on your fleet. Grinntech works with fleet operators to help convert their fleets to battery powered with EV retrofits customized to their business needs.

  • Easy to install
  • Lowest overall cost / km
  • No fuel pilferage

Battery Vehicle Design Services

We work with OEMs from product conceptualization to delivery cycle. We understand drive cycle of electric vehicles in developing markets and align it with marketing strategy of clients to help them build EV products that are acceptable in market.

  • End to End Solution
  • Minimum time to market
  • Competitive design cost

BEV Design Model Beta

Grinntech firmly believes in sharing of its intellectual capital. We provide BEV design model software to our clients to make their design task easy. It helps you calculate your EV energy need, kinematics and losses.

To help electric vehicle enthusiasts with their basic designs, we provide its beta version for free. Please visit BEV design model web application.

Battery Vehicle Components

Grinntech also provides electric vehicle solutions to help you build word class electric vehicle products. We build some components in-house developed and source other from reliable international manufacturers.

We deal in battery vehicle power-train for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers, battery packs, battery management system (BMS), controllers, chargers, motors, dc-dc converters, contactors, throttle, USB to RS232 cable, Fuse & Fuse Holder, and all other your custom electric vehicle component needs.

  • Best fit products
  • Best price
  • No logistic hassle