Energy Storage Solutions - Lithium Battery packs, BMS, charger, inverter, remote monitoring

Energy Storage Solutions

Lithium batteries are the choice of energy storage of present and foreseeable future.

Grinntech's technical expertise in Lithium battery solutions provides energy storage solution to all application, such as Electric Vehicle, Renewable storage, Industrial power backup, Telecom, etc.

Grinntech's technical expertise in Lithium battery charging and discharging chemistry, and control systems helps you in design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of Li battery packs.

Grinntech provides modular battery pack, which can be assembled in any desired voltage and capacity. These pack come integrated with BMS, data logging, cooling solution and with many more features.

These packs are best suited for:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Telecom Towers & Stations
  • Solar / Wind power plants
  • Banks
  • Health Equipments
  • Defense

We provide battery pack components such as cells, BMS, charger, inverter, data loggers, etc. at best prices and guaranteed high level of quality.

We provide variety monitoring tools to help you collect performance data of your battery packs and monitor them online.